Blog Post from the very talented Laura over at For The Love of Buttercream

Do you often wonder why some cake makers prefer buttercream to fondant, Laura explains why she loves buttercream, and I think we can all agree her caked a flipping amazing.

Buttercream Cakes and why I prefer it!  

Hi my name is Laura Floyd and my business alter ego is For The Love Of Buttercream. My business name sums up what I like to use to cover my cakes with. 

I’m a little anti-fondant. You probably know one of those people who pick it off a cake and doesn’t eat it, that’s me. I always find it a little too sweet.  I will use fondant to make some decorations such as animals or to paint onto with edible paints to add some small details. 

I know American buttercream can be super sweet too, but there are recipes that aren’t. For instance my favourite is Swiss meringue buttercream. It’s super smooth and melts in your mouth and can be flavoured with anything you like. Two buttercreams I haven’t made yet are Italian and French buttercream. Note to self add them to the list of things to try. 

So here are tips for anyone wanting to use buttercream. 

Rule number one is to use good butter, I prefer to use lurpak or president. 

Warmth can be a friend and foe, I will warm my scraper slightly to smooth my buttercream. 

If too cold I find it harder to apply to my cakes. Too much heat will melt the butter and the consistency will be ruined. 

Swiss meringue buttercream can be made and frozen for up to a month. Just let it defrost in the fridge overnight and warm it up and give it a good whisk. 

Buttercream cakes are not meant to be outdoors in heat, it’s ok for a little bit but even fondant will slide off a cake if left in direct heat. 

I am currently working on the American Buttercream recipe to change it slightly. I like to use this particular one for when I want to paint straight onto a cake as it forms a crust. 

So why I prefer to use buttercream is just purely my preference and niche. Plus I love it! 

Laura Floyd 

For The Love Of Buttercream

September 2020